10 aluminum siding colors to give your home a unique look

Offering unmatched weather resistance and exceptional durability, these siding panels are available in a range of 10 unique colors.

10 aluminum siding colors to give your home a unique look

Give a high-end look to your home with our high-quality aluminum cladding. Offering unmatched weather resistance and exceptional durability, these siding panels are available in a range of 10 unique colors. Whether you're looking for a modern look using a dark color or a classic style with a chocolate brown, you'll find the perfect tone for your home. And with its easy installation, even the largest project can be completed without hassle. It's time to rethink your exterior.

From classic to contemporary: the spectrum of aluminum colors at Rialux

Explore how these remarkable shades can bring your architectural vision to life, shaping a style that is uniquely yours and will catch everyone's attention. Be inspired by our vast selection of aluminum siding colors.


A warm shade that pairs ideally with a modern or contemporary style. The Sienna color is commonly associated with Rinox's Londana product, and pairs particularly well with white stone or white siding.

Tiago - Sienna

Tiago - Sienna

Tiago - Sienna

Tiago - Sienna

Tiago - Sienna

Tiago - Sienna


A dark brown with chocolatey undertones, perfectly suited for a contemporary or farmhouse-style home. This option harmoniously complements the Lorado stone in Eggshell, the Lotis Grande stone in Almond White & the Romania brick in Caviar for a chic look.

Tiago - Écorce

Tiago - Bark & Lorado stone - Eggshell

Tiago - Écorce

Tiago - Bark, Lotis Grande - Almond White & Romania - Caviar


With its classic, sophisticated, and chic look, this black aluminum matches perfectly with a more classic and timeless stone like Rinox's Londana or Lorado. Textured stones are interesting to combine with a black cladding as they allow them to stand out.

Timberland - Ébène

Timberland - Ebony & Londana stone from Rinox - Amaretto

Timberland - Ébène

Timberland - Ebony


A white with pale gray blended notes, that fits beautifully with a farmhouse or modern-style home. Birch pairs effortlessly with Rinox's Architectural stone in Caviar for an interesting contrast.

Bolton - Bouleau

Bolton - Birch

Tiago - Bouleau

Tiago - Bouleau & Lorado from Rinox - Charcoal

Tiago - Bouleau et Sienna

Tiago - Birch & Sienna

Grey Oak

A modern color that pairs perfectly with a contemporary-style home. It blends easily with Rinox's Novello stone in the Whistler color and the Lotis Grande in the Eggshell color.

Timberland - Gris chêne

Timberland - Grey Oak & Novello stone from Rinox - Mist

Bolton - Gris chêne

Bolton - Grey Oak

Bolton - Gris chêne

Bolton - Grey Oak & Lotis and Lotis Grande from Rinox - Eggshell


With Balsa, we are in the pale beige tones that blend well with a contemporary or farmhouse style. Balsa complements the Lorado stone in the Almond White color.

Tiago - Balsa

3D image | Tiago - Balsa

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Tiago - Balsa

Tiago - Balsa


A perfectly balanced greige, the Driftwood hue pairs very well with a modern or contemporary-style home. In terms of stone, it is a perfect match with the Oxford stone from the Rinox collection.

Driftwood has a particular charm and gives a natural and soft appearance to your home. This color harmonizes wonderfully with a modern or contemporary style house.

This color can be combined with the Oxford stone from the Rinox collection. This combination creates a soothing visual effect that enhances the architecture of your home. The contrast between the softness of the Driftwood color and the smooth texture of the Oxford stone adds depth and an extra dimension to your exterior.

Tiago - Driftwood

Tiago - Driftwood

Tiago - Driftwood

Tiago - Drifwood & Oxford stone - Whistler

Dark Walnut

Dark Walnut offers a deep and rich tone, perfect for sophisticated design. This hue adds a touch of elegance and is particularly suitable for classic or contemporary-style homes.

Its natural appearance recalls the wood grain of the walnut, bringing a rich visual texture to your cladding. The combination of this color with Rinox's Lotis Grande stone in Eggshell is particularly beautiful for a natural and elegant look.

Tiago - Noyer foncé

3D image | Tiago - Dark Walnut & Lotis Grande stone by Rinox - Eggshell

Nordic Cedar

Nordic Cedar is among the natural and warm colors that blend perfectly with a farmhouse or rustic-style home. Its soft and soothing tone echoes the authenticity of Nordic Cedar while adding a touch of modernity with its aluminum finish.

Tiago - Cèdre nordique

Tiago - Nordic Cedar

Harmonizing beautifully with Rinox's Londana product, Nordic Cedar creates an interesting visual contrast, blending the raw character of stone with the refinement of aluminum. This combination achieves a harmonious and balanced exterior design that garners admiration.

Matte Black

The Matte Black cladding panel offers a unique depth. It provides an industrial and modern style, offering an interesting alternative to the glossiness of the Ebony variant. This hue creates a striking contrast with Rinox's Architectural stone, resulting in a visually impactful combination. The matte appearance of this color accentuates its modernity while adding a dimension of sophistication. It catches the eye with its intensity and elegance, making it a bold choice for those looking to stand out.

Tiago - Noir mat

Tiago - Matte Black

The impact of colors

Choosing the right color can also highlight the architectural details of your home; for example, a contrasting color can make moldings, cornices, gables, and other decorative elements stand out, creating a more dynamic visual aspect.

Darker tones can give your home an elegant and refined look, while others, like lighter colors, can create a sense of freshness and lightness.

If you prefer a more cohesive look, choosing a color that harmonizes with existing architectural details can unify the design of your home. This can create a sense of coherence and elegance.

To assist you in choosing your exterior house cladding, use our unique Virtual Exterior Designer tool featuring the Rialux aluminum panel collection and Rinox masonry collection.

In summary, choosing the color of your aluminum exterior cladding is a decision that impacts the appearance, value, durability, and functionality of your home. It is important to take the time to consider all these factors to make the optimal choice that meets your needs and preferences in terms of cladding panels. Do you have a favorite option? To aid in your selection among the beautiful colors offered at Rialux, order samples of the available colors!